Ball Screw Special Inserts

Ball Screw Special Inserts

Full Name: Ball Screw Special Inserts CBN Inserts

Using Inserts type: CNGN, V- Grooving Tools(CBN Grooving Inserts)

Processing hardness: Above HRC45

Processing Material: Hardened steel, High Hardness Steel

Processing Way: Roughing, finishing; 

Continuous and Intermittent Cutting

Product Description

Advantages of Halnn CBN inserts BN-S20 and BN-H10 hard turning ball screws

(1) High hardness, abrasive resistance and heat resistance

(2) Strong impact resistance, avoid the insert chipping, damage problem

(3) High speed cutting, improve the efficiency

(4) Dry cutting method reduce the pollution

(5) Long tool life, will be 1.5~2 times of traditional CBN inserts.

Recommend CBN milling inserts-Ball screw special milling inserts

-Ball screw CBN milling insertsCBN milling inserts-Ball screw

Application Cases


halnn CBN Inserts machining Rolling Screw Gcr15.JPG

Materials and Hardness :Rolling Screw Gcr15, HRC60-62

Selected Insert:BN-S20 CNGN120708

Cutting Parameters:ap=4.5mm,Fr=0.10mm/r,Vc=95m/min,

Dry Cutting

Insert Materials

Cutting Speed

Cutting Depth

Failure Mode

Halnn BN-S20



Normal Wear

Ceramic Insert



Broken Damage



Workpice and Hardness : Ball Screw Thread, Gcr15, HRC60-62

halnn CBN Inserts machining Ball Screw Thread 2.JPG

Selected Insert: BN-H10 CBN Grooving Inserts

Cutting Condition: Fr=0.10mm/r, Vc=150m/min

Dry cutting

Insert Materials


Failure Mode

Halnn BN-H10


Normal Wear

Other PCBN   


Damage or Broken


With the development of the cutting technology, the cutting tools manufacturers researched new tool materials “cubic boron nitride” which can be use for turning instead of grinding, it will have Compressive stress when with traditional CBN inserts roughing the ball screw raceway, it will be easily make the insert chipping. Finally Halnn research non-metal adhesive solid CBN inserts BN-S20, solving the problems of chipping.

CBN Inserts machining Ball screw.JPG

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