Zhengzhou Hahn Superhard Material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Halnn tools") is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of superhard tools. It is the leader in professional hard material processing tools in China. It is the first to develop gray cast iron, wear-resistant steel/cast steel, and hardened steel materials.

Halnn tools, formerly known as Henan Superhard Materials Research Institute, was the first institution in China to study the processing of brittle and hard materials with cubic boron nitride tools and high-grade diamond tools. As the pioneer of China's industrial tools, Halnn tools upholds the original business philosophy of "not seeking big but complete, only high-precision professional". With many years of experience, Halnn has conducted a research on new material grades and new technologies, and has become the most famous tool brand in the superhard tool industry.

Halnn tools have launched a series of new CBN and PCD products in Tool processing, Steel, Automobile, Heavy machining, 3C, Aerospace, and Energy field. The main products are Solid CBN inserts, PCBN Inserts, CBN Milling, and Grooving Tools, PCD Tools, PCD Milling, and Notching Tools,  PDC cutters, etc. The main materials processing in these products include gray cast iron, powder metallurgy materials, hard steel, high-speed steel, high-temperature alloys and other difficult-to-process materials. The main application industries include rolls, mining machinery, auto parts, aerospace parts and industrial pumps ect.

In terms of the market, Halnn tools has fully explored domestic and foreign markets, established a stable and complete marketing network, insisted on using standardized processes to respond quickly, professional and focused, "tailor-made" services, and  for customers created the value beyond contract service concept.

We encourage innovation, freedom, justice and sharing, and are committed to building a humanized management system, guided by scientific positioning, taking corporate spirit and values as a long-term commitment to employees and customers, and establishing respect for a century-old company.

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