Milling Hardened Steel Tools

Milling Hardened Steel Tools

Full Name: Hardened steel CBN and Carbide Milling tools, milling hardened steel inserts, CBN tools hardened steel

Machining Materials: Hardened Steel, High Hardness Steel, Bearing steel, Die steel

Milling cutter type: end milling cutter, cutter with inserts

Processing WayMilling

Suitable machine: machining center.

Product Description

With hardness of hardened steel parts increases, especially in terms of milling. In order to improve processing efficiency and reduce production costs, Halnn is also constantly developing new tools to help manufacturers of hardened steel parts reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Common milling parts of quenched steel parts include plane, step, groove and profile milling, etc. For the above milling parts, Halnn has introduced two kinds of milling Tools- High Hard coated end mills and CBN inserts with cutters.

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Carbide Milling Tools

Advantages of Halnn CBN Milling Tools

The hardness of CBN materials is second only to diamond, and the Rockwell hardness is HRC95-100, which can easily mill hardened steel planes.

CBN inserts are matched with high-precision milling cutters to realize high-speed intermittent milling with high efficiency and high precision.

The outstanding new nanocomposite coating makes it more closely integrated with the substrate, has excellent wear resistance, oxidation resistance and lubrication performance, lower friction, greatly improves the durability of the end mill, and ensures hardened steel The surface quality of the piece after milling.

The professional spiral groove and helix angle design of the coated end mill realizes the good chip removal of the milling cutter and ensures the stability during high-speed milling.

Halnn Coating carbide Miling tools

For the different needs of Hardened steel milling, the coating materials are also different. Common coatings are: ALTIN coating, TIALN coating, TISIN coating, etc.

Hardness HRC45-62: Choose ALTIN coated milling cutter;

Hardness below HRC55: Choose TIALN coated milling cutter and TISIN coated milling cutter

Carbide Milling Tools Halnn

Application Cases

CBN Milling Hardened steel.png

Workpiece material: 42CrMo (hardness HRC65)

Tool model: BN-S200 RNMN090300

Cutting parameters: VC =130m/min, FR =0.12mm/r, AP =0.5mm

Processing mode: dry cutting

Cutting tool material

Cutting Speed

Tools life

Failure Mode

Halnn CBN material


120pcs / Tip

Normal wear

Some brand CBN


115pcs / Tip

Normal wear


Material: High manganese steel Plate

High manganese steel liner.png

Selected InsertBN-S20 SNFN120716

Cutting parameters


Insert material

Cutting speed

Feed rate

Tool Life/blade

Halnn BN-S20




Carbide insert





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